Friday, April 13, 2018

Stop Apologizing

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I'm ashamed at my level of ignorance of History. When we don't know history in general, and our own history in particular, not only are we, as a society, doomed, as it is said, to repeat the mistakes of our past, but we fall easy prey to guilt-peddlers.

Guilt-peddling is all the rage these days. Secular as well as Christian Progressives love to beat Western Civilization over the head with its supposed atrocities for which it apparently can never be forgiven. 

The Crusades are a perennial favorite for this purpose. Christianity is, of course, a religion of hypocrisy because of the Crusades. Self-righteous unbelievers and self-flagellating believers have only to utter the word "crusades" and Western Christianity is supposed to fall silent and beg forgiveness, yet again.

I have always assumed that there is a lot more to the story than we were taught in the government schools, but have been too lazy to look very far into it. Stefan Molyneux has an excellent lesson where he gives a very high-altitude look at some of the historical background that sparked the Crusades.

You can find it here, and I highly recommend it. (Original Source. Stefan has been cancelled by YouTube, but the link below is a repost on another channel.)
Alternate Source

Listen and see if it doesn't have a profound effect on how you think about the past that you take for granted.

I'll paraphrase, amplify, and expand one of the crucial points he makes near the end of his talk. Of all of the civilizations to ever exist on this planet, there is precisely one that engages in critical moral self-reflection and changes on the basis of it: Western Civilization, a/k/a Christendom. 

This isn't an intrinsic virtue of the men and women of the West, it is a direct result of the work of the Holy Spirit. Don't be ashamed of the legacy of Christendom, which the Progressives and the haters of Christ are doing their best to wipe out and erase from the history books. Learn the history, teach it to your children, and be proud of it. Be proud not for the works (either righteous or sinful) of Man, but because it is the work of God.

Christendom was not and is not sinless, but only Christendom confesses, repents, and turns to God. Pagans don't. Buddhists don't. Atheists don't. Zoroastrians don't. Muslims sure don't. 

Stop apologizing.