Sunday, November 6, 2016


It has been twenty-eight years since I have voted for a President. Once realizing that we have a one-party system with two names and that every four years we are presented with a choice of socialist Candidate A or socialist Candidate B, the futility of the exercise became obvious. It was much more important to me to withhold my consent from either candidate that to engage in hair-splitting to determine the lesser of two evils. Like Treebeard, I was sure that neither candidate was on my side.

It also became clear to me that to a great many people, and especially the voting-advocates, voting was much more than registering one's preference. It was a religious sacrament that the worshipers of Democracy held dear. The act of voting is more important to them than the outcome, because it's an act of faith in the State. Faith in the god Democracy.

This year there is clearly something different. There is a candidate who is not part of the One Party. Donald Trump is hated by the rulers of both factions which, with sham-animosity, are supposed to trade the presidency back and forth every four to eight years, according to some predetermined schedule. That he has upset their apple cart and exposed their choreographed charade is made clear by the numbers of defectors who have announced that they will vote for the "other" candidate, Hillary Clinton, rather than allow this usurper to ascend. He is not in their playbook and he does not follow their Narrative. And, he seems not to care that he is hated by them.

This has piqued my interest, but, two very concrete issues are the greater reason behind why I am going to vote in a few days. 

Firstly, I believe that there is a categorically greater chance of our country becoming engaged in war of some kind with Russia or China if Hillary Clinton is elected. War is hell, and war to maintain or extend an Empire is immoral.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton will continue, and accelerate, the massive and indiscriminate immigration from nations with cultures, world-views, and religions that are hostile to the Christian posterity of the immigrants from the European nations who founded America. Our country is the legacy of Christendom, in spite of the fact that it has to a great extent become faithless to Christ, and its destruction as such is the goal of the Christ-hating elites which are at the heart of the One Party. We have had enough of such immigration and it is time to stop it and roll it back if Christendom or Western Civilization is to survive.

Donald Trump is not a magical candidate. He will undoubtedly fail to live up to the things he has said and will let his supporters down in significant ways. However, if he even partially follows through on his rhetoric, he will be more beneficial to this nation than any other president in my lifetime.

There is a slim chance that is worth taking that Donald Trump will finally break the hold that the One Party wields over every aspect of our lives. Maybe some of them will even go to jail. Maybe the people of this country (Christians in particular) will finally see them all for what they are: corrupt, deceiving, and evil.

I'm going to vote for Donald Trump and I will pray that God's will be done.